Department of Intensive English 项目 (非母语英语课程)

入学 & 招生

  • 到这里创建一个帐户
  • Complete the contact information section. 
  • Complete the address information section. Don't forget to select the box "address outside the US or Canada".
  • Select "Intensive English 项目"as your student type.
  • Create a secure password following the instructions.
  • 点击“创建我的帐户”

请注意: All applications are submitted online 和 paper applications are not available. 

  • Once you log in, the system will show you the “My account” page. 
  • Click on “Apply online”, located in the top menu.
  • Select “Intensive English Program (非母语英语课程)”
  • Complete 和 submit the application.  
  • Pay the nonrefundable $30 application fee.

请注意: During the application process, you may pause 和 then 重新开始 您的网上申请.

  • Once your application is complete, our 招生 team will process the admission decision.  
  • After the decision is made, we will send your admission decision letter.

请注意: Your DIEP academic advisor will be confirmed in the admission letter.

金融评论/ I-20

Please note that all international students who attend bet365中文大学 will need to document that they have adequate financial resources to cover overall costs at bet365中文大学.

The following are the I-20 requirements:

  • Copy of passport 和 mailing address to send the I-20 form.
  • Estimated Budget sheet form showing evidence of financial resources for one academic year.
  • Financial statements showing your ability to cover your first-year expenses.
  • $3,000 International Student Deposit
    • Not required for citizens of Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada or Mexico.
    •  Only $500 for bet365中文英语交换 eligible students.
  • $100 non-refundable International Student Fee.

If you have additional questions, please email isfs@和


Once all the I-20 requirements are submitted the Office of 国际学生服务 will process 和 mail to you the I-20. 

When you receive your I-20 document, you will be ready to schedule an appointment at the closest U.S. 大使馆或领事馆. Ideally, you’ll want to plan to have your U.S. Embassy/Consulate interview no later than one to two months before the date classes begin.

  • After receiving the I-20 form, please pay your i - 901的费用 再打印一份收据.
  • Book your embassy appointment 和 apply for an F1 student visa or other appropriate visa (email iss@和 详情). 

After your student visa is approved, you are ready to travel to the United States of America!



When you enter the United States for the first time as a student, 通过飞机或过境, you must present your passport with student visa 和 your I-20. Please request all documents inspected by customs officers to be returned as they are your property 和 you are required to show them at each port of entry.

Don't forget to stop by 国际学生服务 office as soon as you arrive at bet365中文大学 as we will need to sign your I-20 和 make a copy of your student visa.

七个重要 & 最后要采取的步骤

We want your final steps to be smooth 和 enjoyable! Each of these seven final steps is important to your final preparation to come 和 study with us. 

  1. 上网. 激活你的Andrews 用户名. You can learn about how to activate your user name by watching this video.
  2. 英语分班测验. Connect with your DIEP academic advisor to sign up for a test date. 你可以给你的导师发电子邮件 diep@和
  3. 住房-餐饮-保险. 查看以下选项 住房, 餐厅, 保险. You can learn about 住房 by watching the following videos: 住房选择住宅应用程序
  4. 财务计划. 清晰的财务 和你的财务顾问. You can also learn more about how to financially clear by watching this video.
  5. 书籍及资料. Purchase textbooks 和 a great selection of supplies 和 University merch和ise at the 书店.
  6. 学生就业. 了解更多关于  学生就业 on campus if you are interested in part-time work while you study, 和 review current job openings 在这里. Please note that international students who wish to work are limited to 20 hours of work per week, 而且可能只在bet365中文有效.
  7. 运输. 安排 运输 和 pick-up at the South Bend airport 和 other local 运输 depots through our 国际学生服务 team, 如果需要. 请记得发邮件 iss@和 with confirmation of your flight/train/bus number 和 arrival time at least three (3) days in advance (please note that 运输 office will not be available Friday night to Saturday night. 相应地计划你的旅行。).


bet365中文大学 is excited to nurture global partnerships which allow students 和 professionals to learn 和 improve English language skills. 



有问题? 我们有答案. Our staff members are dedicated to helping you find the answers you need.

  • For  questions about our Department of Intensive English 项目, email diep@和
  • For help with financial questions 和 your I-20 process, email isfs@和
  • For help with other international student services questions, email  iss@和
  • For help with financial clearance for enrollment, contact your 财务顾问
  • 如果需要住房方面的帮助,请发电子邮件 rh住房@和
  • 如果你需要进一步的帮助, have additional questions or aren't sure w在这里 to turn next, 请联系:
    Luda Vine, Director, Department of Intensive English 项目, bet365中文大学