You are ready to become a World Changer and Andrews is dedicated to helping you get t在这里. Whether you have no test scores, or you’re on the path to a super score, we have a plan for you. Read on to discover what it takes to become a part of the Andrews family. 

入学 & 招生

  • 登录后,系统会显示“我的帐户”页面. 
  • 点击位于顶部菜单中的“在线申请”.
  • 选择你要填写的申请类型. 
  • 确保有两位非家庭推荐人的联系方式(校长、辅导员、老师、牧师等.).
  • 填写并提交申请. 
  • 支付30美元申请费,不可退还. 

请注意: 在申请过程中,您可以暂停,然后 重新开始 您的网上申请.


  • After an application is submitted, the “My account” 页面 will show on your application history.
  • 选择你的申请,然后点击“提交补充项目” & 文档."
  • Upload all admission documents listed such as test scores, transcripts, 等.

请注意: Complete your application by July 15 for the fall semester or November 15 for the spring semester.

  • 一旦你的申请完成, our admissions team will review all your documents and make an admission decision. 
  • 在做出决定后,我们将向您发送录取决定书.
  • 在入学, we will share the continuing steps you’ll need to take before your registration process is complete. 

请注意: An admission decision may take four weeks or longer for applications requiring a committee evaluation.



大学预科课程是被鼓励的. 这包括:




ACT scores of 20 and above in all skills, or SAT scores of 530 in Evidence-Based Reading & 一般入学要求是写作和数学520分.*



  • : 格 College-Ready或格 College-Ready +学分证书
  • 没有考试成绩的录取: a 3.50cgpa和大学预科课程详见 高中课程要求 以上是必需的.
  • 学生 who do not meet the high school curriculum requirements or exam scores above may be eligible for admission through 交替的学术指导水平,包括 通往成功之桥 程序.
  • 高中三年级学生可能有资格参加 初入学 PSAT综合成绩达到1100分或更高,累计GPA达到3分.在他们大三的第一个学期之后.



  • be assigned academic advising based on two of the three: high school curriculum, 行为/ SAT分数, 和高中累积绩点
  • 每年可获得8000 - 14000美元的奖励计划. 我们甚至会给你的ACT和SAT分数加分! 


英语是bet365中文大学的教学语言. International and domestic prospective students whose language of education is not English must submit English Proficiency test scores. English Proficiency tests must be taken within two years prior to admission.


英语水平测试 最低分数要求
托福网考* 80
雅思(学术) 6.5
PTE(学术) 54
多邻国英语测试(认证)** 110

* Paper-based TOEFL is only accepted when administered by our Center for Intensive English 项目.

** Duolingo is only valid when certified and received directly from Duolingo. 

我们的校园也提供非母语英语课程课程, however please remember that an academic acceptance for our 非母语英语课程 程序 does not guarantee future admission into degree-seeking 程序s. To learn more about the Center for Intensive English 项目 please visit the CIEP 网页.



国际证书要求可能因国家而异. 欲了解更多信息,请访问我们的 国际证书 页面.


如果你在家接受过教育, you have the same requirements as a prospective freshman who has been in a traditional school.

  • 你需要提交一份带有累积GPA的成绩单, 由指导你的项目的人填写并签名. 如果没有成绩单,则需要格证书.
  • 我们的远程教育项目, 格里格斯国际学院是一个中等教育项目. Griggs will work with homeschool students who take a minimum of their last three high school courses through Griggs to develop and grant a high school diploma. 

需要帮助?  Call 269-471-6343 for additional info on making a transcript and/or other issues.  


Prospective students can upload unofficial transcripts directly into the 应用系统 during the application process.

美国以外的教育机构, prospective students must upload both original language and word-for-word English translation (unless transcripts are routinely issued in English by the 机构).*

All unofficial transcripts must have the following to be acceptable for consideration:

  • 申请人的名字
  • 机构的名称
  • 取得成绩、分数或分数的所有课程
  • CGPA(如适用)

*The Enrollment office reserves the right to request external credential evaluations for international transcripts.


  • 如果你还没高中毕业, you can send a partial transcript (completed through your Junior year) for an early decision from Andrews.
  • All admitted students are required to submit official final transcripts after admission decision.

An official transcript is an academic record that has been received from an issuing 机构 or a secure, 经认证的指定方. 它必须具有机构验证(如印章), 标志或水印), 日期和适当的签名. 成绩单 received that do not meet these requirements will not be considered official.


  • 从就读的高中直接通过电子邮件发送成绩单 undergrad@sun-pix.net.
  • 成绩单 processed by the high school attended and mailed directly to the Enrollment office in a sealed envelope.


Berrien Springs MI 49104-0740


  • A certified (true) copy of the original transcript attested by an authorized person (i.e. 教育部, 使馆授权人员, 内政部, 太平绅士, 等.)
  • Official transcripts hand-delivered to the Enrollment office in an official 机构al envelope, 由发证机构盖章.
  • 如不能提供正式成绩单, an original transcript hand-delivered to the Enrollment office may be accepted.


All international students who attend bet365中文大学 will need to document that they have adequate financial resources to cover at least one year of overall annual costs at bet365中文大学.


  • 寄送I-20表格所需的护照复印件和邮寄地址.
  • Estimated Budget sheet showing evidence of financial resources for one academic year.
  • Financial statements showing your ability to cover your first-year expenses.
  • $3,000国际学生押金(巴哈马公民不需要), 百慕大, 加拿大或墨西哥)
  • $100不可退还的国际学生费用.
  • 第一学期学费预付六千美元 & 费用.

如果您有其他问题,请发电子邮件 isfs@sun-pix.net.

Once all the I-20 requirements are submitted the Office of 国际学生服务 will process and mail to you the I-20. 

When you receive your I-20 document, you will be ready to schedule an appointment at the closest U.S. 大使馆或领事馆. I实际上,你会想要计划让你的美国.S. Embassy/Consulate interview no later than one to two months before the date classes begin.

  • 收到I-20表格后,请支付你的 i - 901的费用 再打印一份收据.
  • 预约大使馆 并申请F1学生签证或其他适当的签证(电子邮件) iss@sun-pix.net 详情). 

After your student visa is approved, you are ready to travel to the United States of America!

当你第一次以学生身份进入美国时, 通过飞机或过境, 你必须出示你的护照、学生签证和I-20. Please request all documents inspected by customs officers to be returned as they are your property and you are required to show them at each port of entry.

Don't forget to stop by 国际学生服务 office as soon as you arrive at bet365中文大学 as we will need to sign your I-20 and make a copy of your student visa.


我们希望你的最后一步顺利而愉快! 按照步骤开始. 


有问题? 我们有答案. 我们的工作人员致力于帮助您找到所需的答案.